EDNH Bad Wörishofen

Bad Wörishofen is located between Landsberg am Lech and Memmingen as a small idyllic grassland with a length of 805m and width of 30m at an altitude of 620m above sea level ( MSL ) / 2034 ft – the railway orientations are the RWY 08 and 26.
Historically, Bad Wörishofen was an air force airfield during the Second World War before it was converted into a civilian landing site.

This airfield is included in the Bavarian Airfields package!


The family-run airfield with restaurant is operated by the Bahle-Schmid family. Approaching pilots are happy about great flight conversations with the boss Mr. Bahle, who is always available for a nice ratsch ( Bavarian for entertainment ).
The restaurant with a beautiful beer garden offers a wonderful place directly on the runway.
In the course of the airfield is within sight of both the Therme Bad Wörishofen and the Skyline Park, Bavaria's largest amusement park.
Nearby there is also a small gliding airfield.
At Bad Wörishofen Airfield there are opportunities for sightseeing flights (also with a historic Antonov), flight training in UL and PPL as well as other teaching qualifications.
Wörishofen is home to the charm and idyll of a privately run airfield, and EDNH is worth a visit, not only because of the legendary apple pie, which is very popular with pilots.

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Bad Wörishofen has a beautiful course round over the thermal baths and the Skyline Park – both were lovingly recreated in the simulator, just like the adjacent reference churches or the sports facility. The entire approach sector to the RWY 25 was also recreated with the road and the viewpoints.