EDMJ Jesenwang

Jesenwang is a very well-known and popular German General Aviation special landing site and is often approached by sports pilots, but the place also enjoys a great respect among pilots due to the very short runway ( 408 x 12m ! ).

Nevertheless, Jesenwang is at the top of the German airfields served, which is due to the idyllic atmosphere and above all the perfect location between Munich, Ammersee and the Alps.

This airfield is included in the Bavarian Airfields package!


After the successful Bayern Süd package for the flight simulator X, Aerosoft is now returning to the roots of general aviation airfields in partnership with ClearPropStudios. A pearl of the package of a total of six charming airfields is EDMJ Jesenwang.

The slope orientations are RWY07 and RWY25.
For starts on the 25 and 07 a detailed starting track as well as weight &
Balance calculation unavoidable – it is actually part of the proper start
Flight preparation! In Jesenwang, however, it makes itself due to weather, air pressure and weight
extremely noticeable because of the adjacent forest at the end of RWY 25.
Jesenwang is located 567.2 m above sea level (1861ft) and is designed for aircraft
with 3 tons MTOW, helicopters up to 5.7 tons MTOW and ultralight aircraft as well as
Based is the airfield operator family Walch with its Air Charter, the flight school Air
Munich Aviation, GILWA Luftfahrttechnik, Weiss Flugelektonik as well as a wonderful
Airfield restaurant.
A test site for safety training and filming is also adjacent to the
It is said that anyone who has learned to fly in Jesenwang can really fly.
By the way, the pilots of Clear Props Studios actually got their training here in
Jesenwang enjoyed.
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We paid special attention to our home airfield Jesenwang in the simulator, because
adjacent to the Ammersee and combines many visual flight points:
– Nordspitze Ammersee stegen with pier, parking lot, Ammer bridge, steamer and
– Radio tower Schöngeising
– Monastery of St. Ottilien
– Andechs Monastery
– Raisting earth station
– Hohenpeißenberg
– Marienmünster Dießen
– Several churches in Utting, Schondorf, Eching
– Biogas plant Jesenwang
– Churches Jesenwang, Adelshofen