EDMK Kempten Durach

Kempten Durach Airfield is the highest and second southest general aviation airfield in Germany.
The airfield is located at an altitude of 713.2 m MSL ( 2340 ft ) and has as a special feature two intersecting grass runways ( RWY 25 and 25: 850m x 30 m grass ; RWY 17 and 35: 900 x 30 m )

This airfield is included in the Bavarian Airfields package!



The airfield is approved for aircraft of all kinds up to 3000kg MTOW.
There are 4 hangars, an idyllic and highly recommended airfield café, a gas station, also a customs clearance and a helipad on the square. In addition to the airfield, the rescue helicopter squadron Christoph 17 is on site.
Furthermore, you have the opportunity to complete Alpine sightseeing flights and briefings as well as flight training via the Flight School Michael Bergmann or the Air Sports Group Kempten as well as the Westallgäu Air Sports Group or to make parachute jumps in a fantastic area near the mountains.
Right next to the airfield, the beautiful city of Kempten can be easily reached by car or bicycle.

Further information about the airfield and flight schools:
Airfield Durach EDMK (alpenflug.de)
Luftsportgruppe Kempten-Durach e.V. – HOME (luftsportgruppe-kempten.de)

Kempten was also approached several times by our pilots.
In addition to the folding mechanism of the hangar, the original church of Durach, all banners and advertisements as well as flight schools and the clubhouse are to be mentioned here.
The challenge in the simulator was above all the cross track with grass runway as well as the different altitude profiles in the simulator