EDMT Tannheim

Tannheim is located between Bad Wörishofen and the Memmingen airfield.
The elevation ( airfield height ) of Tannheim is 580 m above MSL ( 1903 ft ), the runway orientations are RWY 09 and RWY 27 and the runway details are 1022m x 23 m grass.

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The family-run Tannheim airfield under Verena Dolderer is a legendary grassland site and is known and famous from many points of view.
Not only Matthias Dolderer, member of the German aerobatic national team and member red bull airrace World Championship and Aerobatics, calls Tannheim his home airfield, here are also historical flying delicacies such as the wonderful Texan T6 "Las Vegas Lady" at home.
In addition, every pilot passionately carries Tannheim in his heart due to the legendary "Tannkosh" airfield festivals every year, derived from the legendary airfield event "Oshkosh".
Tannkosh was an internationally popular meeting place for aviation enthusiasts and vintage cars, classics, warbirds and special machines came from all over the world.
In 2014, Tannkosh was unfortunately discontinued for organizational reasons.

In addition to the opportunity to complete aerobatic training in Tannheim, the flight school trains on UL / PPL / LAPL and does retraining and spur wheel instructions.
In addition, Tannheim has a wonderful restaurant with terrace views of the runway.

Several companies are also based at Tannheim Airfield.

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Tannheim was flown to several times to capture the entire atmosphere here. Advertisements on the hangars and at the restaurant as well as every single advertising banner on the railings match here one-to-one, as well as the airfield sign at the driveway with authentic night lighting or the tail unit in front of the parking lot.
The gate folding mechanism reacts here to time ( from 11:00 h open and from 17:00 h too )