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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Bavarian Airfields South

The version for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 includes the complete airfields Moosburg, Jesenwang, Bad Wörishofen, Kempten, Leutkirch and Tannheim.
All pitches have been recreated in detail according to the original (all buildings, hangars, playgrounds, signs and restaurants). For this purpose, the airfields were flown to several times and hundreds of detailed photos were taken and talked to the operators of the airfields. The developers of the airfields are passionate pilots themselves.



Welcome to the Bavarian Airfields Süd- Part 1
The 6 most beautiful General Aviation airfields in southern Bavaria are finally coming into the simulator:

EDPI Moosburg – small forest airfield with grass runway northeast of Munich
EDMJ Jesenwang – Idyllic asphalt course with the shortest runway in Germany
EDNH Bad Wörishofen – idyllic grass pitch between Landsberg and Tannheim
EDMT Tannheim– the legendary grass court, known from the former "Tannkosh" flight events
EDMK Kempten – the highest GA grass airfield in Germany
EDNL Leutkirch Unterzeil – Customs airfield between Memmingen and Kempten

Each airfield was rebuilt 1:1 from the model, hundreds of detailed shots were taken at each location and reconstructed in close cooperation with the airfield operators.
Since the developers fly themselves, they have focused on every little detail as well as all the approach points at the airfields.
All airfields have the approval of the airfield operators as well as original ICAO approach charts & airfield maps courtesy of the German Air Traffic Control and Eisenschmidt.

The package includes:
– 6 lovingly recreated GA seats down to the last detail according to the originals
– Highly detailed hangars, towers with facilities and airfield buildings
– Original asphalt markings and taxyways
– Original advertisements, banners, posters, traffic lights
– Hundreds of visual flight points such as radio towers, Andechs Monastery, Raisting Earth Station,
Hohenpeißenberg, churches, power plants, thermal baths, amusement parks, bridges, weirs and much more

– All 6 airfields open and close their hangar gates as in the original, depending on the time
– Complex architectural replica of the Leutkirch hangar including folding mechanism
– Animated characters at the airfields
– Complex lighting technology
– 6 Original ICAO VFR Airfield Charts & Maps
– Detailed documentation of each individual airfield via PDF

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