EDMD Dachau-Gröbenried as freeware!

Hello, dear community

We have great news for you 🙂
As a small gift for the community, we are now bringing you Dachau-Gröbenried for free.

Dachau has a small grass pitch, which is operated by the Dachauer Flug-Verein – the place is perfectly complemented between our Moosburg EDPI and Jesenwang EDMJ.

Download it for free at www.flightsim.to . Have fun discovering the course – this already increases our number of places in Bavaria South to seven!

Click here for EDMD as freeware!

Click here for the video on Youtube

Video Tutorial Course Round EDMJ Jesenwang

In this video tutorial you will learn how to fly with the ICAO chart from one place, here Jesenwang EDMJ from ClearPropStudios & Aerosoft, course laps clean and thereby the

In this video tutorial you will learn how to fly clean course rounds with the ICAO chart from Jesenwang EDMJ with the Bavarian Süd Package from ClearPropStudios & Aerosoft and how to give the right radio messages.
Jesenwang is particularly demanding during take-off and landing.

Clearpropstudios wishes you a lot of fun watching and flying!

Moosburg on the brink – EDPI – MSFS

After the successful Bayern Süd package for the flight simulator X, Aerosoft is now returning to the roots of general aviation airfields in partnership with ClearPropStudios. The first of a total of 6 airfields is Moosburg auf der Kippe.

The airfield Moosburg auf der Kippe (ICAO: EDPI) as a special landing site north of Munich is a challenging, small and uncontrolled grass field with a runway of 700x 30 m and is operated by the Fliegerclub Moosburg e.V.

The runway is oriented to the northeast (RWY 04) and southwest (RWY 22) and the radio frequency of the tower is 125,815. The airfield is located one kilometer south of the historic center of Moosburg at an altitude of 419 m above sea level (1376 ft).

Moosburg is considered very demanding, as the airfield is very close to the control zone of Munich Airport. Here it is important to strictly adhere to the course round – both in the altitude (course round height 2300 ft) and from the approach.

Every year, the popular flea markets as well as special Fly Inns take place here, which are very popular with pilots.

The version for the simulator includes the complete Moosburg airfield, which was modeled in detail on the original (all buildings, hangar, playground, signs and restaurant). For this purpose, the site was flown to several times and hundreds of detailed photos were taken as well as talked to the operators of the airfield. The developers of the airfield are themselves passionate pilots.

In addition, all essential approach points and elements in and next to the course round were taken into account (weir bridge Approach 22, St. Kastulus Kloster Moosburg, Schloss Asch, Kraftwerk Zolling, parking lot motorway). In the dark, the course develops its own mood through the adapted lighting conditions.


  • Every building at the airport was recreated from the original down to the last detail
  • Close cooperation with the local airport operator to create a real-world atmosphere
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POI St. Kastulus, Schloss Asch, Isarbrücke and Kraftwerk Zolling included
  • Parking lots, traffic lights, highway signs, rest areas included